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Founder Principal's Message

Dear prospective students, parents/guardians and well-wishers,

Warm greetings on behalf of Namuna College of Fashion Technology (NCFT), Nepal’s first Fashion College and originator of Bachelors education in Fashion in the country.

We are pleased to inform you that it’s been more than 40 years since “NAMUNA” made its debut in the Nepalese fashion industry. “NAMUNA” as a brand is strongly perceived as one of the most prominent contributors to uplift of fashion in Nepal, and it continues to do so with Namuna College of Fashion Technology (NCFT) as an integral part of it.

Besides offering a truly unique career-oriented and reality based educational experience, NCFT is renowned for its exceptional track record of transforming its students into high value career professionals and entrepreneurs with a local/global understanding of fashion.

Likewise, we take pride in on our numerous beyond-the-classroom initiatives that accentuate the overall personal development of our students and inculcate greater confidence, creativity and innovation among them to stand out and make substantial contributions to the field of fashion.

It’s also heartening to know that the achievements/success of the college and its graduates has led to common acceptance that fashion education in Nepal and Namuna College of Fashion Technology is one and the same.

With regards,

Gyani Shova Tuladhar
Founder Principal / Senior Fashion Designer