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Evaluation, Grading & Graduation

COURSES/Bachelor of Fashion Design & Management (BFDM)/Evaluation, Grading and Graduation



Evaluation of a student is done through the Internal Evaluation conducted by the college and the End Semester Board Exams conducted by Purbanchal University.

The Internal Evaluation is conducted through a system of continuous testing under which a student is evaluated on his/her attendance, class participation, assignments, projects, Internal Assessment Exam etcetera. The End Semester Board Exams take place through a Theoritical and Practical Exam at the end of each semester.

For a subject that is only theory based, the Internal Evaluation is of 20 marks while the End Semester Board Exam is of 80 marks. For a subject that is both theory and practical based, the Internal Evaluation is of 20 marks, the Theoretical Exam is of 40 marks and the Practical Exam is of 40 marks

All students are required to maintain a minimum 80% attendance of the total class hours to qualify for the End Semester Board Exams. Students who fail in the internal examinations will also not qualify for the end semester board exams of the particular subject as per Purbanchal University’s rules.



The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the end of the program defines the division of a student as following:


A student must maintain a CGPA of 2.00 or above throughout the duration of study. A student who has not obtained the minimum CGPA after completion of all semester exams will be allowed to take a Betterment Examination only once and upto 5 subjects having lowest grade of “C” to improve his/her CGPA.

The maximum duration for completion of the BFDM program shall be 3 more years from the last date of completing the final exam of the final semester. The student must clear all course requirements within this period.