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Prestigious Government Award Received By Graduate


Prashamsa Dangol (graduate of our 10th batch) was awarded the prestigious Nepal Chaatraa Vidhya Padak 2072 by the Rt. Honorable President, Vidhya Devi Bhandari amidst a function organized by the Ministry of Education at the Presidential Palace on National Education and Literacy Day (September 08).

The honor is in recognition of her incredible achievement of securing the highest grades among all female graduates under the Management Faculty of Purbanchal University during the year.

This is the 5th time that a NCFT graduate has been bestowed with the prestigious honor. Previously, Manisha Joshi (3rd batch), Jyoti Bajracharya (7th batch), Pragya Chitrakar (8th batch) and Sangita Thapa (9th batch) were awarded the same for the year 2065, 2068, 2070 and 2071 respectively.

(Photo Courtesy: Department of Information, Government of Nepal)

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