COURSES/Bachelor of Fashion Design & Management (BFDM)/Course Delivery


An outstanding team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members support the college’s curriculum and teaching methodology, and offer professional capabilities, wide exposure and years of hands–on industry experience to the students.

A sizeable number of our faculty members have received their education/training from various prestigious institutions of England, France, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India among others.

Committed to grow in their profession, our faculty constantly upgrades their knowledge and skills through sustained interaction/involvement with the industry and research in related areas. With a combined professional and/or academic experience of numerous decades between them, the quality and experience of our faculty members is unsurpassed.

Likewise, the college’s visiting faculty/experts and renowned national/international personalities share their wealth of knowledge, experiences and skills with our students as speakers, mentors and trainers on a regular basis.  


The teaching/learning at the college is a blend of theory and practical. Besides theory classes, strong importance is given to practical classes so that students can transfer their theoretical knowledge into reality.

Instructional methods of lectures with the use of audiovisual/multimedia tools, demonstrations, project/lab work contribute to the effectiveness of students’ learning. The college also arranges regular industrial visits to various textile/garment factories, production/export houses and other related organizations. Students also benefit from numerous talk programs, guest lectures, workshops which are arranged and/or conducted by the college.

A testament to the strength of our teaching learning methodology is that our graduates have been awarded by the President and then Prime Minister for their outstanding academic achievements and have also been declared winners in high profile designing contests held in Nepal.


The Personality Enrichment and Interaction Program (PEIP) is a regular event at the college in which eminent national and international personalities from various walks of life share their life experiences, knowledge and advices with our students, staff and faculty. The program enhances their overall personal development through interactions with such personalities and also inspires them for achievement.


Extracurricular activities are integral part of student life at the college. Our students participate in numerous high-profile events each year in the capacity of Designers, Stylists, Coordinators, Models, Consultants and Choreographers, thereby gaining invaluable hands-on professional experience that complements their theoretical knowledge, further polishes their practical/technical skills, and builds up industry networks.