COURSES/Bachelor of Fashion Design & Management (BFDM)/Graduation Fashion Show

One of Nepal’s most awaited and acclaimed fashion extravaganzas, our Graduation Fashion Shows has been organized since 2005 by graduating designers of the final semester as part of their course requirements of the “Fashion Show” subject under our Bachelors programs.

Till date, 14 Graduation Fashion Shows have been organized by the graduating designers which are:

The graduating batch design their own collection as well as undertake the overall management and event execution. Their creations from the Creativity Round are also awarded grades by a panel of eminent judges which ultimately decides their final University grades. 

The event examines critical and theoretical approaches to fashion designing within and outside the wider boundaries of cultural practice/production and also offers specialist training and experience in practical aspects of designing, display and exhibitions along with other areas of fashion such as photography, choreography, modeling among others.

Our Graduation Fashion Shows have been attended by various eminent national and international personalities from the field of fashion, glamour, business and other walks of life along with the general public.

The shows have received prominent coverage in all leading national print and electronic media and have contributed significantly to raise the profile of fashion as an academic degree and profession in Nepal.