The college's 11th Graduation Fashion Show titled “Journey of Fashion - XI: Incantevole Creazione” was organized by the 41 graduating designers of the 11th batch (6th semester) at the Hotel Yak and Yeti on November 25, 2016 as a part of their course requirements of the subject “Fashion Show” under the Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD) curriculum of Purbanchal University.

The audience was captivated by the extraordinary creativity on show as the designers wowed them with stunning designs under 5 fabulous sequences consisting of 38 dazzling contemporary designs and 41 exquisite creative designs embodying the culture and heritage of 41 countries. The sequences were:

MINIMALIST: LESS IS MORE when it comes to minimalism- think clean lines, simple colors such as black, white and grey which appear to be sophisticated and grown up.

MEN’S TREND REVAMPED: This season we are looking back and taking inspiration from grandfather’s favorite outfits from 70’s and invigorating it with a modern twist, styling the ready-made  garments like denim knee trimmings or  pants complementing it with various stylized shirts and tees with exploded bold prints.

BOHO-RESORT WEAR: Inspired by bohemian culture as well as tropical life. Boho-resort wear includes relaxed apparels in vivacious cool color, bold floral prints, sheer fabric, feminine accents with cool beach vibe and bright makeup look.

RED CARPET: Featuring elegant evening gowns that emphasize grace and feminity and curvaceous features of a woman, the glimpse of prettiness and tenderness caught in the red carpet.

CREATIVE ROUND: This collection was based on particular theme which was World Culture and Heritage. The graduating designers showcased their individual designs by choosing a particular country and work on their design by embodying selected aspects of the culture, heritage, landmarks etc of 41 countries.

It is also worth noting that in addition to designing their own collection for the event, the overall planning, fund generation, logistics management and execution of the event was done by the graduating designers themselves.

The panel of judges for the event comprised of:

  • Kiran Prasad Saakha (Director of Saakha Group and Member of Purbanchal University’s Fashion Technology Subject Committee).
  • Stella Maris Haefele (Noted German Fashion/Costume Designer and Stylist)
  • Hari Prasad Bhatta (Managing Director of Nepal Fashion and Advisory Board Member of NCFT).
  • Anu Shrestha (CEO/Designer of Kallisto Designs, Advisory Board Member of NCFT  and Member of Purbanchal University’s Fashion Technology Subject Committee).
  • Hira Muktan (CEO, Logo Fashion Industries).
  • Rachana Gurung Sharma (Official Choreographer, Miss Nepal pageant)
  • Yubina Shrestha (Fashion Designer and 2nd Batch Graduate of the college)

The grades given at the Graduation Fashion Show will be combined with the grades that each graduating designer received during the Prejudgment which was held at the college on November 10. The final aggregate grades of each graduating designer will then later be published by Purbanchal University under the subject “Fashion Show” as part of its End Semester Board Examinations of the BFD program.

Among the five sequences, Creative wear was the major one, where each designer showcased his/her individual design in series. While, the remaining four collections were group work executed by all the graduating students. Each individual collection was designed under certain theme, which includes men’s wear, women’s wear, textiles, tailoring and more.

The audience also included Vice Chancellor of Purbanchal University: Prof. Dr. Ghanshyam Lal Das, Registrar: Dr. Niroj Pandey as well as former Vice Chancellors of Purbanchal University: Dr. Toran Bahadur Karki, Prof. Dr. Jagat Bahadur KC and Prof. Maheswor Man Shrestha.

Legendary actors, Bhuwan Chand and Laxmi Giri had a special walk on the stage in designs created by Gyani Shova Tuladhar (Founder Principal of NCFT) to commemorate her design work in their movies.

Prashamsa Dangol (10th batch graduate of NCFT) who recently received the Nepal Chaatraa Vidya Padak 2072 from the Rt. Hon President Ms. Vidhya Devi Bhandari was also honored at the show for her incredible achievement of securing the highest grades among all female graduates under the Management faculty of Purbanchal University during the year.

Stella Maris Haefele (Noted German Fashion/Costume Designer) also made a special appearance in her own design as the showstopper for the event.

The show was choreographed by Rojin Shakya (Faculty for the subject “Fashion Show”) and the emcee was Mandira Maharjan.

Full photo album of the event can be viewed at: