Arzoo Shrestha and Rabinaa Karki, graduating designers of the 11th batch, showcased their designs in a photoshoot sponsored by BIJEN'S Photography, which is an Australian - Nepalese Fashion Photography Firm founded by Bijendra Kayastha (BZn Kayastha) who is a 3rd batch graduate of the college and a Fashion Photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

Bijen's Photography will be sponsoring a photoshoot for selected upcoming designers of each graduating batch of the college with an aim to promote them nationally and internationally as well as to inspire them for success in the profession.

This year's photoshoot was held in collaboration with Lujaw Entertainment, DAT Fashion, Nepal Fashion Diary and the college.

The shoot was managed by BIJEN's Photography team members Samana Gotame, Alisha Gauchan, Rashmi Puri and Aastha Shrestha. Likewise, Sanju Tamang was the Makeup Artist and Rashmi Puri and Paru Pahari were the models for the shoot. All of them are students of the college.