On behalf of the NCFT, I extend my very warm welcome to you; our journey in pursuit of excellence that began one and half decade ago, with NAMUNA setting up first Fashion College in Nepal. It has been wonderful and enriching experience so far. We cherish our achievements through success of our students. 

Our creative college is one of the kinds in the country, devoted to the fashion history, theory and aesthetics. Our academic programs are tailored to meet the needs of the hour and sensitive to learners of different types and have attained many national commendations. It has developed a reputation for attracting the young talent of the highest caliber and building leaders out of them in fashion industry.

4 years Bachelors Degree is career planning course based on “Design” and “Technology”  to meet the dynamic fashion education, and program designed to orient and sensitize students towards understanding of fundamental of Fashion Business namely “Design”, “Technology” and “ Management” in the right socio cultural prospective.

We have consistently set a new standard in academic excellence through program reviews and evaluation, curriculum audit, faculty, development and recommendations of new curricular design and updated 4 years course is the outcomes. This is accomplished through the involvement and participation of our qualified faculty and staff with years of professional experience and our university pattern.

The academic faculty works with students by focusing on their individual strengths and working upon their areas of improvements. We train our students on values of like team work, honesty, integrity, responsibility and truthfulness.

The institution has to its credit, the successful placement of capable students in prestigious companies/industries and they are the professionals with a very high degree of adaptability towards the changing needs of the fashion and industry. Along with each step come new idea, design and developments of and by the students, where parents can be proud.

I hope this overview, our core value and programs and relationships with the industry will delight you and your interest. I encourage you to carefully expose the NCFT Website and discover exactly what we can offer you.

Wish our students luck in their future endeavors.

Anil Kumar Upadhyay