A Prejudgment event was held at the college on May 03, 2018, Thursday as a precursor to “Journey of Fashion XIII – Sera Di Stilista”, the college’s 13th Graduation Fashion Show. 
The event, which is held before each Graduation Fashion Show, comprises of the display and presentation of the swatch work* made by the graduating designers for the “Creative Wear” sequence, which is the focal sequence of each Graduation Fashion Show.   
This year, the 63 graduating designers (comprising 16 groups) of the final semester of the college’s Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD) program displayed and presented on the swatch work* made by each group under the theme of “Threatened Species” for  the “Creative Wear” sequence which aims to:
? Embody, reflect as well as raise awareness about various threatened species of floras and faunas around the world.
? Illustrate their beauty through fashion and creation.
? Emphasize the need for their preservation and protection from activities such as poaching and destruction of natural habitat.
? Exhibit that fashion and garments can also be inspired by them.
Each group gave a presentation to the judges about their respective swatch work highlighting the design details, the inspiration behind the designs, the fabrics used etcetera. The groups were graded by a panel of judges based on the theme/inspiration of their designs, the accompanying swatch work and their presentations. 
The designs of the groups were inspired from various threatened floras and faunas from around the world such as Red Bearded Vulture, Palawan Peacock Pheasant, Sarus Crane, Coleman’s Coralroot Orchid, Snow Leopard, Lesser Chameleon, to name a few
The panel of judges at the Prejudgment consisted of:
? Dr. Kul Bahadur Basnet (Chairperson of Purbanchal University’s Fashion Technology Subject Committee and Vice Chairperson of Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training)
? Kiran Prakash Saakha (Member of Purbanchal University’s Fashion Technology Subject Committee and Director of Saakha Group Fashion Technology)
? Anu Shrestha (Member of Purbanchal University’s Fashion Technology Subject Committee and Founder/Designer of Kallisto Designs,)
? Hira Muktan (Managing Director, Logo Fashion Industries)
? Yubaraj Thapa (Fashion Designer and Founder of “Yubi” label)

The grades given at the Prejudgment are combined with the grades that will be given by the panel of judges to the designers’ creations under the “Creative Round” sequence during the Graduation Fashion Show. The final grades received by the graduating designers are published by Purbanchal University under the subject “Fashion Show” as part of its End Semester Board Examinations of Bachelors of Fashion Design (BFD) program.

This years’ Graduation Fashion Show is being organized by the 63 graduating designers of our 13th batch at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu on May 19, 2018, Saturday as part of the course requirements of the “Fashion Show” subject under the Bachelors of Fashion Design (BFD) program of Purbanchal University, Nepal.